Rafting Companies on Facebook: Where do you stand?

Intro to data We track social media data for over 300 rafting companies around the world. Phil manages the coding, the data manipulation, and dealing with the various API’s. I take that data and figure out what it actually means, and how it can be used. Each week we’ll give […]

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#SMTLive – Measurement: Best Practices on Turning Insight into Action

At least once a month I am fortunate enough to take part in a Twitter chat organized by Social Media Today (#SMTLive). This chat is one that I’m sure to carve out time for because of two consistent aspects: speakers are leaders in the industry, and the audience is professional […]

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Adventure Travel Marketing

What is Adventure Travel? When most people think of adventure travel they think of the heart pounding, risk taking, extreme activities. They think of whitewater rafting, rock climbing, skydiving…you’re starting to get the picture. But adventure travel isn’t all big hits and flirting with death, it’s really just about stepping […]

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