Rafting Companies on Facebook: Where do you stand? Part 2



Welcome back to the exciting world of data and rafting. Okay, one may be slightly more exciting than the other, but who are we to judge. In the first post we introduced you to the basic three key metrics: likes, talking about this, and engagement ratio.

This time we’d like to take it a step further and get more realistic about some of the numbers.


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You’ll notice in this week’s results there are some new categories, and here’s why:

Highest Growth Rate

There’s this show called The Biggest Loser, that—outside horrid ziplock bag ad placements and morally questionable encouragement to disappear as fast as you can to win money—has a pretty decent way to explain growth rate. When a 400 pound man and a 200 pound woman both lose 50 pounds, the percentage lost is much higher in the woman.



The same is true for your social media efforts. Looking at Likes alone is unrealistic to determine how your social media efforts are doing. Maybe you were one of the first companies to get on Facebook, maybe you ran a contest that made your Likes skyrocket…one time…three years ago. The question is are you still growing or have you hit a plateau? Is there someone else in your region who is smaller but consistently growing?

Maybe it’s time to put on some spandex and look at the real numbers. If you really haven’t watched the show, that is a weigh-in reference; we do not endorse the wearing of spandex.

Most Engagement Exc. New Likes



We talked about engagement in the last post, but this time we’re not going to let you count your new Likes twice. If we’re going to weirdly keep referencing the Biggest Loser, we won’t turn our heads while you sneak a donut, you’re only cheating yourself.  That’s the last one. New Likes count toward engagement, and because we’ve already counted them (you’ll learn this if you keep reading), we’ve taken them out of the equation. Don’t waste anyone’s time reporting inflated numbers.

Most New Likes

Now that we’ve bashed Likes a few different times, it’s time to let up a bit. New Likes can be a good metric to measure and compare with competitors. This is especially true during high traffic times throughout the season or to measure particular campaigns. Again, you can have all the Likes in the world, but if you’re not gaining any new Likes and your competitors are, that’s a red flag that they’re doing something right and you are lame have the opportunity to step up your game.

Most New Check-ins

This metric is a pretty big deal when it comes to the adventure industry. While we could really care less where someone is eating their frozen yogurt alone on a Friday night, we tend to perk up and pay attention when someone checks in somewhere badass that looks really fun. See where you stand in your region for check-ins, and then hit us up if you want to talk about ways to get all your guests to do your advertising for you.

What’s Next

Check out where you stand this week compared to those in your region…or anywhere for that matter. You can also subscribe to get updates about what’s going on in social media among your competitors.

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