Did You Put it on Facebook? Checking into Adventure

So this happened in Cleveland last Saturday:
(Warning: if you are at work you may want to turn the volume down first)


And Phil woke up at 5:00am on Saturday just to go see it. By 8:30am he was still so excited he’d gone and got breakfast, and he and our black lab Carly couldn’t take me sleeping anymore so they came bursting in to wake me up. Of course I knew what had happened, it shook our whole house three blocks away (which was the real reason for Carly’s panting, crazy-eyed excitement).

“I took video,” he said as though there was even the slightest doubt in my mind.

“Did you put it on Facebook?”

Did you put it on Facebook was the first phrase I spoke on a Saturday morning.

I’m not saying I’m proud of this, but it’s a fact…and a common occurrence in many households.Facebook Check In

Phil couldn’t wait to get that video up on Facebook because it was a big deal in Cleveland, and he was there to see it. No matter how many people you take down the river each season, for each individual that one trip is a big deal, and they were there to see it.

So how are they going to let people know they were there? Go ahead and say it, we all know the answer…Facebook.

Now, how do you bottle that excitement fresh off the river, or even leading up to a river trip? Facebook Check Ins. Facebook Check Ins are often overlooked when it comes to developing social strategy so we’ve put together a refresher as to why these little guys can be an adventure marketer’s best friend.


Check Ins are free advertising opportunities. The more you can get your guests to Check In at your business, the more your name gets in front of people. This is especially important at a time when the organic post reach on Facebook has plummeted to 5-10% of your page Likes. Check Ins can actually boost your engagement rate, which increases the chances of your posts showing up in newsfeeds without having to pay for it.

Encourage your staff to work the crowd at the video. For many people, being able to share a selfie with the crazy raft guide from the trip is worth as much as the video itself…and even more for you in free advertising.


People checking in are also more inclined to write a review for your company. A recent survey shows Facebook reviews have surpassed traditional review sites such as Yelp when it comes to influencing consumer decisions. And with the new business page layout, reviews are more prominent. Make it part of your strategy to ask customers to Check In and let others know about their experience.

Not sure how to ask? It can be as simple as putting a sign up at the check-in/check-out areas. have-you-checked-inOnce it’s there, the staff will have no problem finding creative ways to incorporate it into trip talks.


While Facebook reviews are soaring, word of mouth is still the number one source of information people turn to when planning a trip. When researching companies on Facebook, potential customers can see which of their friends checked in at your business. This helps the potential for word of mouth to live on well after the excitement of the trip has worn off.


Not all industries have the luxury of staff members working all day with customers reminding them how great of a time they’re having, enticing them to tell all their friends ASAP when they get off the river. Therefore they need to give a little incentive to Check In via offering a small reward. This can be beneficial in the adventure industry as well.

Does business start to drop off in August?
Do you have a busy season coming up?

Why not offer something as simple as a 5-10% off coupon at the retail shop? It can help give the added boost you need.

Check In Superstars

As always, we like to give a shout out each week to those who are already rocking the social scene, so take a minute to check out the top Check Ins last week.

If you’d like to chat more about how to get your customers to play a major role in your social strategy through Check Ins, email me today!

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