Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union is focused on helping members save time, save money and earn money. With more than 40 locations throughout Texas, RBFCU offers its members access to free and low-cost financial services, including cash back checking, low-rate loans and convenient mobile applications.

At RBFCU my role was sales development, serving as the company’s first Sales Development Officer in Austin. The success of my efforts lead to hiring two more for the region after one year. I taught classes on how to take overarching organizational goals and create strategic marketing plans to successfully reach branch and regional goals to branch managers and regional vice presidents. Some highlights of my time in the position include:

  • Led Austin region to be the first region in company history to reach 100% of quarterly sales goals.
  • Developed training, motivation, and recognition programs.
  • Conducted sales strategies courses to employees of various skill levels effectively utilizing adult learning techniques.
  • Part of a team tasked with researching, designing and implementing a member retention program that is now used throughout all branches.
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