Creating Content Strategy for Adventure Outfitters

We’ve gone over the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure when determining the success of your Facebook efforts, but let’s step back a notch and explore the content strategy used to drive these results.

Spoiler: Pledging to make three posts per day does not equal a content strategy.

Let’s start with types of content used in posts. According to Richard Beeson of AgoraPulse, there are 8 types of content:

  • Memes
  • Product/service
  • Useful content
  • Casual people centered
  • Conversational
  • Entertaining/contests
  • Evergreen
  • Other people’s content

As discussed in an earlier blog, you can’t gauge your success on one or two really good posts. Successful companies use all 8 of them. It’s an ongoing attempt to gather and maintain an audience.

There’s no such thing as short-term success on social media.

Let’s go over a few of types of content.

MemesCanoe Meme

Some industries need to be careful that memes match the voice of the company, however it’s pretty safe to say a good meme [almost] always has a place in the adventure tourism industry. Memes work best for consultants, life & business coaches, or anyone who teaches or trains. Don’t be afraid to use a meme to showcase the training and teaching aspect of what you do every day.


This is the content everyone is excited to share. It is why you’re on Facebook yes? To tell the world all the great things you offer.

Use this content cautiously.

If you are filling someone’s newsfeed with all of the things you offer or deals going on, they are very likely to hide you. Sprinkle them sparingly among the other pieces of content.

Useful Content

Not every blog post or webpage needs to sell your product or service.

“Top 10” posts, or “Ways to [fill in any obscure advice],” are great pieces of content to share with your followers. This shows your audience they can count on you for a variety of content, not just to sell them something.

Other People’s Content

Sharing other people’s content is a great way to keep information flowing on your page without having to spend hours or days creating it. There are several content curators like Buzzsumo to easily find and share this information.

It also helps create business relationships with others in the industry. No one is strong enough to be their own island.

Casual People Centered

Your company has a personality and a team. Think of Facebook when something happens in your company life. Let your audience in on parties, events, or just the day-to-day office happenings.

Scheduling a Mixture

It’s important to use a healthy mixture of the different types of content. If you have a great meme that’s going to attract a lot of Shares and Likes, schedule a product pitch after it. Follow that one up with a conversational post or one that showcases what makes your guides special. The product pitch won’t generate as much interaction, but sandwiching it between the two will increase the potential reach.

Schedule your posts at least a week in advance so you can be sure to have this variety, and then spend your free time with your guests capturing events to share in real time without having to worry about turning it into a sales pitch.

The next step to completing your strategy is determining which days and times are best for your company. There is a lot of information out there proclaiming optimal days and times to post, but it really comes down to seeing what works for you. There is no such thing as one size fits all. Stay tuned for the next post where we’ll discuss the trends found in over 5,000 Facebook posts made by or about rafting companies, and how to incorporate the findings into your content strategy.

Want to discuss more about your content strategy? Give us a shout, we’d love to chat more about it.

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