Description of Podcast

Social Listening Adventure Style

Learn the importance of social listening in adventure tourism, and some easy ways to incorporate it into your social strategy.

Keeping Adventure Alive in the Off Season

How do you keep the momentum going? The changing leaves signify the end of another season. It's not however, the end for your social media strategy.

How to Boost Engagement on Facebook: Data on Adventure Posts

Using 5000+ posts made by rafting companies over the summer, we provide insight into the best days and times for adventure marketers to post to Facebook

Creating Content Strategy for Adventure Outfitters

Learn types of content to use when creating your Facebook content strategy, and the days and times that work best for the adventure tourism industry.

Did You Put it on Facebook? Checking into Adventure

Facebook Check Ins are an important part of any adventure tourism social strategy. Learn how Check Ins can help you.

4th of July Social Winners

It was expected 41 million Americans would be traveling at least 50 miles from their homes this past weekend. How were your social efforts to attract them?

Rafting Companies on Facebook: Where do you stand? Part 2

Adventure tourism marketing requires strategies unique to the industry. It is important to understand the important metrics to measure and what they mean.

Rafting Companies on Facebook: Where do you stand?

Adventure travel marketing is no different when it comes to effectively measuring your KPIs. See where you rank when it comes to social media metrics.

How to Use Twitter Wrong