No One Wants to Go Rafting Anymore

On a recent paddling trip I stopped at the put in to say hi to a guide friend getting ready to put on. We were talking about the season when he said something that caught me off guard…“it’s weird, people just don’t want to go whitewater rafting anymore.” It caught […]

Social Listening Adventure Style

Social listening is another heavy buzzword right now–and it is important–but do you really understand what that means for you and your company? Pretty much everyone grasps the need for timely responses to questions, mentions, etc. these days, but a smaller number really harness the power of social media to […]

Keeping Adventure Alive in the Off Season

For many non-snow related outdoor activities, the changing of the leaves signifies the end of another season. As we showcased in the last post, a lot of companies were really successful this season in getting their social media efforts off the ground and moving. Now that the season’s over though, […]

Rafting Season Data Wrap Up

For the most part, rafting season is coming to an end. We’ve been keeping track of social media efforts all summer and have seen some pretty amazing pictures, posts, tweets, videos, you name it. We’d love to share all the successes and *ahem* lessons we’ve seen, but it can’t be […]

How to Boost Engagement on Facebook: Data on Adventure Posts

By now we’ve all seen the effects of the latest Facebook algorithm on content reach. It’s important to keep content fresh on your page, but more than ever, it’s important to create content that will engage your audience. To extremely simplify a Facebook plan, think of it like this: Engaging […]

Creating Content Strategy for Adventure Outfitters

We’ve gone over the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure when determining the success of your Facebook efforts, but let’s step back a notch and explore the content strategy used to drive these results. Spoiler: Pledging to make three posts per day does not equal a content strategy. Let’s start […]


4th of July Social Winners

It was expected that 41 million Americans would be traveling at least 50 miles from their homes this past weekend. We’ve already addressed my mediocre math skills, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize the opportunity for the rafting industry to capitalize on this. As for the 155 million […]

Rafting Companies on Facebook: Where do you stand? Part 2

Welcome back to the exciting world of data and rafting. Okay, one may be slightly more exciting than the other, but who are we to judge. In the first post we introduced you to the basic three key metrics: likes, talking about this, and engagement ratio. This time we’d like […]

Rafting Companies on Facebook: Where do you stand?

Intro to data We track social media data for over 300 rafting companies around the world. Phil manages the coding, the data manipulation, and dealing with the various API’s. I take that data and figure out what it actually means, and how it can be used. Each week we’ll give […]